DigiTech Whammy DT

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The Whammy DT is a welcomed addition to the DigiTech Whammy Family. DigiTech has taken the legendary pitch-shifting effects pedal, added true bypass and drop tuning to give you this ultimate Whammy pedal. The Whammy DT lets you fix your tuning without pausing awkwardly or switching guitars to make changes for the next song. It features the classic sturdy metal Whammy case and strong roadworthy metal footswitches. You can instantly create pull-off and hammer-on effects during your performance using the momentary footswitch.

Brand: DigiTech

Color: Red


  • True Polyphonic Pitch Shifting and Whammy effects in a single pedal
  • Drop or Raised tuning by 7 half steps or an entire octave
  • Momentary footswitch for Hammer-on and Pull-off effects
  • True Bypass
  • FS3X input for hands-free selection of Whammy and Drop Tune settings

Publisher: KMC Music Inc

Release Date: 08-05-2011

Details: Guitar Pitch-Shift Effect Pedal – Pitch Effects, Drop and Raised Tuning, and True Bypass

UPC: 691991202537

EAN: 691991202537

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