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Superbia is among the seven deadly sins depicted in Dante’s Purgatory. The Superb is someone who overwhelmingly shows and imposes superiority. The Purgatorio Superbia is characterized by its extensive range of sounds enabled by controls of Tone, Volume, and Gain to which are added two selectors allowing the choice of two distortion levels and two frequency bands. The broad possibility of tone control, volume, and gain make the Purgatorio Superbia perfect for any kind of amp or guitar setup.

Brand: Dophix


  • The pedal is characterized by its wide range of sounds, made possible thanks to controls of Gain, tone, Volume to which are added two selectors that allow the selection of two frequency bands and two levels of distortion.
  • The audible modulation is well defined ensuring a wide signal dynamic. The frequency band selector (LO/HI) offers the possibility to obtain a sound with every shade of tone, managing a distortion on low, medium and high.
  • The distortion level selector let you be able to cover a complete dynamic that goes from light crunch, to overdrive up to distortion.
  • The wide possibility of tone control, gain and volume also makes the Superbia suitable for any type of guitar/amp setup.
  • Pedal with the same technical specifications of Purgatorio.

Details: Superbia: It is the first of the Seven deadly sins represented in the first frame of Dante’s purgatory. The Superb is the one who wants to demonstrate and impose his superiority in an overwhelming way. Do you think you’re better than the others? Turn on this pedal and show it to your guitar!

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