Electro-Harmonix Steel Leather

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Does “steel leather” come from metal cows? No idea, but the definition’s not important. What you definitely should know is that the Steel Leather bass attack expander from Electro-Harmonix will give your bass guitar all the extra definition it needs to cut through any mix, no matter what stage you’re on. It’s highly responsive to your picking dynamics, too. Play really softly and you probably won’t even notice it, but attack those strings hard and the expander will kick in.

Brand: Electro-Harmonix


  • Expander Pedal Tailored for Bass Guitar

Publisher: New Sensor

Release Date: 30-06-2008

Details: The Steel Leather from electro-harmonix provides your bass a sound that will punch through any mix. It enhances your picking and plucking of notes on the bass guitar, giving the notes a sharp attack that will easily cut through. Use the two knobs to adjust the amount of effect from subtle attack to a total emphasis of the attack. The louder you play, the more Steel Leather expands and emphasizes the attack. But on quiet notes, there may be no expansion at all. This means you can use Steel Leather to sharpen attacks simply by playing louder.

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