Ibanez Weeping Demon Junior

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A more reasonably priced variant of the Ibanez Weeping Demon pedal, the Weeping Demon Junior gives you a high-quality wah-wah pedal that won’t break the bank. It activates with little pedal pressure. The Weeping Demon Junior features Push-Lok rotary pots, volume control, auto switch operation, auto-off control, retracting control knobs, adjustable spring tension, side output jack, and easy-access battery compartment. It also includes a maintenance-free optical sensor, so you don’t have to worry about creating annoying noise from the volume pot.

Brand: Ibanez


  • Retracting control knobs
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Side output jack
  • Auto switch operation
  • Auto off control

Details: A more affordable version of our WD7 pedal, the WD7JR presents a high quality wah-wah pedal at a great price. Activates with minimal pedal pressure. Auto Off Delay control allows you to delay the end of wah-wah effect after your foot leaves the pedal, for smooth transition and phrasing. Features a maintenance free optical sensor — no need to worry about producing unwanted noise from the volume pot. Also includes Level control for volume adjustment.


Auto switch operation
Auto off control
Volume control
Adjustable spring tension

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