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J Rockett

The Animal is J. Rockett’s faithful reproduction of an overdriven 1960s Plexi tube amp. It features an enhanced gain structure to cover all the vintage Animal overdrive tones and more without requiring the Snarl Switch of the original Animal. It also boasts a touch-sensitive response from the utilization of your guitar’s volume control for dynamic playing. The Animal consists of Volume, Treble, Bass, and Gain knobs that are pretty easy to use, and regardless of where they are set, they produce a remarkable tone.

Brand: J. Rockett Audio Designs


  • An accurate recreation of an overdriven 1968 ‘Plexi’
  • Bass and treble controls are both very subtle. but also useable throughout their entire sweep
  • Has the grunt and midrange bark of old classic Rock N’ Roll amps
  • Sound cleans up extremely well by backing off of your guitar’s volume control
  • Controls are very simple and give a great overdrive sound, no matter the setting
  • Can be powered by a 9V battery; battery is NOT included

Publisher: J Rockett Audio Designs

Release Date: 07-08-2015

Details: The Animal is Rockett’s recreating of a 1968 Plexi Sound. The Animal is an extremely open and amp like sound that can get you from a stock plexi to a modified plexi with the flick of the snarl switch. The Animal can get very aggressive but it is by no means a distortion pedal, just think of a cranked plexi and how open and natural it sounds. Gotta love this pedal!

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