Mad Professor Hand-Wired Fire Red Fuzz

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Mad Professor

Versatile tone and sweet extended sustains covered in a thick layer of fuzz. Dial in everything from a haunting, fat dark sound to a thin, bright tone that cuts through the mix. You get iron-fisted control over the hand-wired Fire Red Fuzz; its thick fuzz tone never gets too unruly and stays very musical all throughout. At minimum settings, the Fire Red Fuzz has a lower gain level, making it work well with overdrive pedals and amps.

Brand: Mad Professor


  • Hand made in Finland. Versatile fuzz with lot of sustain
  • Tones range for mellow to very bright
  • Unique tone, not another Fuzz Face copy.

Publisher: Mad Professor Amplification

Release Date: 01-11-2015

Details: The Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz (FRF) is a fuzz pedal that is easy to play with long sustain and lot of tone variations. The pedal has a compressed, deep effect to allow equal sustain throughout the freeboard. Tone control was specifically designed to allow tones from mellow fuzz, through slight midcult to thin bright fuzz. The FRF is not another variation of a classic fuzz design but an unique pedal with its own character and extremely versatile Tone control. It’s great for recording different layof Fuzz tones from haunting dark to cutting thin bright. Whatever setting you use the tone is always very musical and controllable. Like all Mad Professor pedals FRF is hand made in Finland using only premium components, to give years of trouble free operation with superb musical tone.

EAN: 6430033090138

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