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Mad Professor

The Little Tweedy Drive guitar effects pedal from Mad Professor takes its tonal cues from the sought-after sound of a vintage small Tweed amp. It serves up a fat, punchy sound with the mid-range and growl of an amp from the late ‘50s. Multiple gain stages make the tube-style drive even more amp-like. This compact boutique stomp doesn’t just copy the Tweed sound, either; it also packs the same tonal dynamics and touch sensitivity that make Tweed amps extremely well-loved.

Brand: Mad Professor

Color: Orange


  • Current consumption 15mA at 9VDC
  • Supply voltage range 7.5V to 18V (9V recommended, the sound of the pedal depends on the supply voltage.
  • Input impedance 500 kOhm at 1 kHz
  • Output impedance 1 kOhm
  • Complete bypass (true bypass)

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Mad Professor Little Tweedy OverdriveThe Little Tweedy Drive is voiced after the famous small Tweed amp tone, like the tone on Tweed Deluxe. The Little Tweedy Drive provides a vintage tone that is used on many recordings: big, fat & punchy midrange with a sweet growl reminiscent of the late 50s amplifiers. The Little Tweedy Drive has a tone that almost purrs!

With the Little Tweedy Drive, you dont just have the Tweed tone, but also the hard to get dynamics and touch sensitivity that are the qualities that have made the Tweed amps classic and raved about among the players.

This unique pedal is the most amp-like feeling pedal you have ever experienced.

Adjusting the amount of gain by picking attack or guitar volume and using the tone controls on your instrument, makes the Little Tweedy Drive pedal fit into a surprisingly broad range of genres: from jazz & blues to country and rocknroll!

Another great feature is that its gain stacks very well too. You can get more saturated and higher gain tones by placing a booster or another overdrive pedal in front of the Little Tweedy Drive. The Little Tweedy Drive works equally well in front of a clean amp or an already distorted amp. Thanks to the nicely balanced internal compression, the Little Tweedy Drive cleans up very well from the guitars volume control. Also, just like on the vintage Tweed amp, the output volume will not drop too much.Mad Professor Little Tweedy Overdrive Features:VOLUME: Sets the output level.DRIVE: Adjusts the amount of distortion.TREBLE: Adjusts the amount

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