Mad Professor Loud N Proud

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Mad Professor

A vintage four-input Marshall in stompbox form. That’s not an exaggeration; Mad Professor replicated a complete amp signal path and crammed it inside their Loud’n Proud guitar effects pedal. The Loud’n Proud also has the same moderate amount of gain a Marshall amp has, along with a boost/fuzz to kick the medium-gain overdrive circuit an extra kick. The fuzz itself is designed to sound like a germanium fuzz, giving you the classic tone of a germanium transistor plus Marshall plexi combo.

Brand: Mad Professor

Color: Black


  • Two different character voicings: tighter bass and slightly compressed tone or looser bass including maximum dynamics
  • Vintage 4-input Marshall in a box
  • Medium gain overdrive circuit with boost/fuzz options

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Mad Professor LoudN Proud Vintage 4-Input Marshall The vintage 4-input Marshall, just has that classic and rebellious rock tone we have all grown to love. It helped to define the classic hard rock tones of band and artists including AC/DC, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Free, Yngwie Malmsteen, and many more. Mad Professor Loudn Proud is a vintage 4-input Marshall in a box. Its a compact pedal with a complete amp signal path replicated inside. Not only the preamp but also the power amp containing phase inverter, push-pull stage, and output transformer simulation. This internal structure makes the pedal not only sound but also behave like a real amp. And like a vintage Marshall amp, the pedal has a moderate amount of gain. This is what led us to adding a boost/fuzz to this medium gain overdrive circuit. The pre boost has the capability of pushing 13dB, which adds a nice amount of gain to the pedal. It also thickens the midrange a bit so feel free to experiment with the boost also for a different voicing for the overall tone of the pedal. The fuzz is designed to work like a vintage germanium fuzz. By engaging the fuzz you can find a great variety of tones from a clean tone to a thick and warm fuzzy tones just by rolling the guitar volume. The vintage germanium fuzz + Marshall plexi is a classic tone combination that we absolutely wanted to include to the Loud n Proud pedal! You will also find a switch for two different character voicings in the Loudn Proud pedal: tighter bass and slightly compressed tone on the left with a looser bass including maximum dynamics on the right. If you love the vintage Marshall amp tone, you will

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