Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb

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Mad Professor

The Silver Spring Reverb guitar effects pedal is a highly musical reverb stomp that is sure to warrant a place on your pedalboard. This digital/analog reverb hybrid from Mad Professor is powered by a purely analog direct signal path, giving you a natural-sounding reverb that doesn’t mess up your original tone. It also has no noise reduction circuits, which means the reverb has a very natural and organic decay. Use it in front of a clean channel or on a distorted tone—the Silver Spring Reverb works well with both.

Brand: Mad Professor


  • The Silver Spring Reverbs bandwidth is in between the dark warmth of an amplifispring reverb and the pristine clarity of a studio reverb
  • There is no noise reduction system, in order to keep the decay as natural as possible
  • The direct signal path is all analog, going straight through analog amplifiwith no filtering

Publisher: Mad Professor Amplification

Release Date: 01-11-2015

Details: The Mad Professor PCB pedals are made with the same components as their more expensive totally handbuilt cousins from Finland, but with a specially designed PCB board. SILVER SPRING REVERB (SSR) is a compact, easy to use digital/analog reverb with a pure analog direct signal path. It creates a natural sounding ambient reverb that will not get in the way of your original signal. The SSRs sound is exceptional with a clean signal, but was specifically designed to work equally well with the tougher performance requirements of distorted tone. The SSR can be used before distortion, although it was primarily designed to go after. If you use the SSR before distortion, you may want to use a lower Reverb (Wet/Dry) setting. Build the Mad Professor way: small footprint and big tone.

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