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Mad Professor

The Simble Predriver effects unit from Mad Professor is more than just a preamp pedal. It pulls quadruple duty as a preamp, a boost pedal, a compressor, and an upper harmonic enhancer. You get a very wide range of tonal control with just one very simple and easy to use stompbox. The Simble Predriver’s tone is also easily adjustable using only your picking attack and guitar volume knob. It also comes with a Hot/Cool selector switch that provides additional boost control.

Brand: Mad Professor


  • Preamp, booster, compressor and upper harmonic enhancer.
  • Super easy to use tuned circuit
  • Super touch sensitive

Publisher: Mad Professor Amplification

Release Date: 01-11-2015

Details: Simple Predriver is not just a preamp, it is a preamp/booster/compressor/upper harmonic enhancer. This musical tonal combination is totally adjustable with your picking attack and guitar volume pot. The amount of boost depends on the input signal level and HOT/COOL switch position. Maximum is about +10dB on lower level notes and average is about +6dB. Simple Predriver’s special circuitry uses low noise transistor with high input impedance (over 2 Mohm) so you can boost even piezo pickups without tone loss. The output impedance is 50 Kohm so it works even in front of fuzz pedals. The power consumption is very small, if you remove the input jack when not playing you can use the pedal with a 9V battery for few years!

EAN: 6430033093023

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