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Whammy bar divebombs, upper octave screams, thick sub-octave harmonies—the Pitch Step guitar effects pedal from budget stomp maker Mooer does all that plus all points in between. Best of all, this pitch shifter and harmonizer pedal gives you real-time control over the octave up, down, and both. The Pitch Step also features sliders for controlling the shift amount plus it has a Harmonizer button that mixes your original signal back in for rich two-note harmonies.

Brand: MOOER


  • Fast and accurate, polyphonic Pitch-Shifting
  • Optional dry signal for harmonization
  • Customizable pitch adjustment for -OCT/+OCT,Adjustable shifting range and direction
  • Includes MOOER’s unique pressure sensing technology

Publisher: Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co., Ltd

Details: PITCH STEP is a polyphonic pitch shifter and harmonizer, conveniently built into a small expression pedal for real time control.
The integrated features and control options make this pedal very flexible and useful for many different styles of music and applications. Pedal steel bends,
whammy shifting, artificial tremolo dives, fat octave harmonies are just a few of the possibilities. Open up your expressive side with the MOOER PITCH STEP.

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