Sabbadius Funkastic Compressor

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The Funkastic Compressor by Sabbadius Custom Pedal Effects has been built with all the attention necessary to make it among the most exquisite compressors for your recording studio, keyboards, bass, guitar, and more. It draws inspiration from the best compressor being manufactured by a notable effect pedal company. The Funkastic Compressor is handcrafted with excellent materials and features an entirely custom design, leveraging boutique capacitors MKT CA3080E. It consists of exceptional high gain and low noise selected transistors.

Brand: Sabbadius Custom Pedal Effects


  • 3PDT 100% TRUE BYPASS mecinical Switch
  • 9V DC negative center polarized 200ma ( BOSS type adapter)
  • 120mm(L)×80mm(W)×40mm(H)

Publisher: Sabbadius Custom Pedal

Details: This compressor is built with all the necessary attention needed to make it one of the best compressors effect for guitar, bass, keyboards, your recording studio and more.
This compressor is inspired by the best compressor currently being manufactured by another major effect pedal company. But this pedal is made with unique materials and has a completely custom design, using boutique capacitors MKT CA3080E, it’s composed of the best high gain and low noise selected transistors, and the pedal is engineered entirely by hand.

Three controls: Level, Attack & Sustain
Level: Volume
Attack: More attack, more “Peak” on the string when you play the string with pick or fingers. When you set this knob at all the way up, you convert the compressor ito a booster pedal and you can get that vintage booster tone and you can vary this boost using the Sustain control to give more or less for the amount of the boost
Sustain: Give the compress siganl to the sound

Features: 100% True Bypass mechanical footswitch
Power: 9VDC battery or 9 volt 200 m.a NEGATIVE center power supply.
Length: 120 mm
Width: 80 mm
Height: 35 mm
Approximate weight: 400 grams
Color: Gold Sparkle
Packaged in a silk screened designed box

EAN: 4571461200026

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