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Skreddy Pedals

In 1971, the Big Muff Pi by Mike Matthews ignited a revolution in fuzz. Creamy, sustaining, and thick, yet refined and more amp-esque instead of buzzy. Skreddy’s 1971 pedal merges the exact elements of the vintage “triangle knob” BMP, like ceramic capacitors, 2N5133 transistors, and carbon comp resistors, into a design that has its gain pulled back slightly. It enables the distortion to preserve a balance of openness and tightness and a more amp-like vibe as opposed to a liquid fuzz character.

Brand: Skreddy Pedals

Color: Gray


  • Made in the USA

Details: In 1971, Mike Matthews’ Big Muff Pi sparked a revolution in fuzz. Thick, creamy, and sustaining, but well-behaved and more amp-like rather than buzzy. The Skreddy 1971 pedal combines the same elements of the early “triangle knob” BMP, like carbon comp resistors, ceramic capacitors, and 2N5133* transistors, into a design that has its gain pulled back just a bit. This allows the distortion to retain a balance of tightness and openness and an even more amp-like feel as opposed to an overwhelming liquid fuzz character. The effect is positively addictive! And hard to classify exactly. It’s not an all-out fuzz so much as a distortion reminiscent of a cranked Laney or Mesa Boogie with plenty of sustain and a very chord-friendly gain structure.

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