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As its name implies, the Suhr Riot is a high-gain distortion box ready to make a tiny clean tube combo sound like an angry stack. It will make you forget that you are playing via a pedal. It works with the amp to produce a full sound that does not sound overly electronic or artificial. The Riot features the touch sensitivity and sonic characteristics of a high-quality 100-watt tube amp. It consists of Dist, Level, and Tone knobs. Use the Dist to set the amount of gain added to your tone, bringing you from classic crunch to high-gain goodness.

Brand: Suhr

Color: Purple


  • Riot features an easy to tweak layout which includes Gain, Level, Tone and a three position Voicing switch.
  • Adjusts the amount of gain added to your tone, taking you from classic crunch to high-gain heaven.
  • Adjusts the output of the pedal. Riot provides enough level to push the front end of any tube amp into natural overdrive.
  • Shapes the overall tonal response of the pedal, from smooth and warm to cutting lead tones.

Publisher: JS Technologies

Details: The Riot, as its name playfully hints, is a high-gain distortion box that will make a small clean tube combo sound like a raging stack. We have heard many distortion boxes and were never quite satisfied with how they sounded or felt with a clean amp. We wanted the sonic characteristics of the distortion and the way the pedal reacted to your touch like a high-gain 100w tube head. After much testing, re-working, and re-builds of the Riot over a period of a year, we are finally satisfied with how it performs and sounds in real world music applications with pro musicians performing live or in the studio. The Riot will make you forget that you’re playing through a pedal.

It works with the amp to deliver a big full sound that never sounds artificial or overly electronic. There are no bees-in-the-jar buzziness, harsh high-end or tubby lows that are often what you hear in high-gain distortion pedals. Again, a pedal is highly dependent on the amp it’s connected to and how the amp is set, but the Riot will perform exceedingly well with virtually any decent tube amp out there – even with old vintage-style Blackface type of amps. Get musical distortion and an amp-like feel from the Riot. If you need alternative high-gain sounds without adding another amp, the Riot is the ticket to high-gain heaven in a small package.

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