Tech 21 SansAmp Para Driver DI

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Tech 21

The SansAmp Para Driver DI is a must-have direct input box for any gigging musician, especially those who often do acoustic sets. It adds a layer of warmth and presence to your tone, plus makes piezo pickups sound more natural. Need some subtle dirt? It has a tasteful Drive section, too. V2 features a new Rumble Filter that eliminates boominess and those annoying handling noises most often hear with an acoustic guitar, as well as an Air button that instantly adds sparkle and clarity your acoustic’s top end.

Brand: tech21


  • Direct Box with Active Tone Controls
  • Sweepable Semi-parametric EQ

Publisher: Tech 21

Details: Whether you play guitar or bass, onstage or in the studio. there are times that it’s best to run direct. Guess what – running direct doesn’t have to mean sucking all of the tone and character out of your axe. The Tech 21 Para Driver DI is one of those tools that’s super-useful to have on hand. It gives you all of the same power behind the SansAmp RBI but in pedal form. It’s becoming standard practice to record guitar direct and add effects in the box. The Para Driver DI lets you add just the lightest touch of drive to your tone, so you get the response you’re used getting from a real amp, without adding to much color. A parallel output even lets you hook your amp up too while you record.

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