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TWA - Totally Wycked Audio

The Mini Morph dynamic waveshaper pedal is a minified and simplified version of Totally Wycked Audio’s DM-02 Dynamorph envelope controlled harmonic generator. It’s a unique dirt stomp that dynamically morphs the distortion tone’s EQ components via an envelope dependent drive circuit. You can create a wide range of bizarre sizzling dirt tones via the Drive, Morph, Gain, and Dry controls, plus there’s a Mode switch hidden on the left side of the chassis that lets you switch between two distinct overall EQ settings.

Brand: TWA


  • DRIVE – Controls the amount of signal level going into the circuit’s diode array. More drive yields more apparent change to the distortion’s EQ components; effectively “morphing” the tone. Turn clockwise for more dramatic effects.
  • MORPH (Effect Level) – Controls the output level of the distortion effect. Turn clockwise for more output level (volume).
  • GAIN – Controls the output level of a high-gain preamp that sits before the rectifier array in the circuit. Gain makes the Drive control hit the rectifiers harder – a lot harder. When this occurs, more complex, thick harmonics with compression and increased sustain are some of the results. Turn Gain clockwise for more gain/distortion/filtering/morphing effect.
  • DRY – Controls output level of Dry signal. Turn CW for more Dry signal (volume).
  • MODE – Accessed via a hole on the left side of the chassis, this switch selects between two different overall EQ curves for the effect. One is fuller-sounding, while the other has more emphasis in the high frequency range.

Details: The larval offspring of our mind-melting DynaMorph, the MM-01 Mini Morph features an envelope-dependent drive circuit where the amount and type of saturation is intricately & inextricably linked to the input signal level. Multi-layered, highly complex waveforms meet & morph to create sizzling, splatter-full effects bordering on the bizarre.

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