Two Notes Le Lead Dual Channel Tube Preamp

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Two Notes

The Le Lead dual channel preamp pedal from Two Notes is a tube-powered beast, capable of unleashing everything from a subtle drive crunch to in your face metal and over the top fuzz. Use channel A for the crunch, then switch to channel B for a modern high gain sound. These channels can be used independently, in parallel, or cascaded for extreme tonal versatility. Each channel also features its own dedicated control knobs and EQ sections for iron fisted tone tweaking.

Brand: Two Notes


  • Channel A footswitch
  • Fusion mode selector
  • Channel B Input Gain
  • Tube window (Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG)
  • Channel B footswitch

Details: Le Lead : Le Lead’s Channel A shines on the fusion of a clean to slight crunch tone of a perfect melody. Kicking in Channel B unleashes the fury of a super tight modern high gain amp, enhanced with the powerful mid sweep Eq. Hot Fusion takes it all over the top; huge gain, sustain and with the combined EQ’s, everything from metal to all out fuzz at your fingertips. The story : From the moment we launched the Torpedo C.A.B., we believed it was possible to build a high quality pedalboard to entirely replace a conventional tube amplifier system: the complete floor rig. Even with an almost limitless choice of available guitar effects, we always felt that finding a very good preamplifier in a pedal format was challenging. This is why Two notes is proud to premier its line of tube preamplifiers: Le Clean, Le Crunch, Le Lead and Le Bass. Two channels plus Fusion mode : The A and B channels are totally independent, each with their own voicing and eq section: Bass and Treble on A, Bass, Mid with Mid Sweep and Treble for B. On Channel A you will find a lower gain tube stage with a pre-gain EQ using a more vintage design approach, while Channel B offers more gain and a very powerful post-EQ (with mid sweep). The exclusive Fusion modes open new horizons. Cold Fusion In “Cold Fusion”, the two channels are in parallel, meaning you can blend the cleaner sound from A and your more distorted sound in B to gain clarity and articulation. Hot Fusion In “Hot Fusion”, A and B are cascaded, meaning A can be used as a boost for B with both A and B EQ’s available to shape the result.

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