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Way Huge

Built to fulfill Joe Bonamassa’s sonic requirements, the Way Huge Smalls Overrated Special overdrive pedal provides you with a midrange boost that feels like a gut punch. Way Huge founder Jeorge Tripps modded the Green Rhino OD pedal for a more pronounced midrange and incorporated a Freq knob for fine-tuning the midrange emphasis. The outcome is a punchy tone you can sculpt for virtually any guitar, whether you are punishing the front end of your overdriven tube amp or beefing up your clean tone.

Brand: Way Huge


  • Based on a Green Rhino overdrive, modified for pronounced midrange punch
  • Frequency control allows you to fine-tune where the midrange is emphasized
  • Volume, Tone, and Drive controls yield a wide range of sonic variety
  • Perfect for beefing up your clean tone, or for boosting an already-overdriven amplifier
  • Limited run, only 2,000 will be made

Publisher: Dunlop

Details: Designed in conjunction with bluesman Joe Bonamassa, the Way Huge Smalls Overrated Special Overdrive delivers a range of bold, punchy grit. Jeorge Tripps took an old school Green Rhino OD, hot-rodded it for a more pronounced midrange, and added a Freq control so that you can punch up the low mids. Volume, Tone, and Drive controls round out a straightforward user interface so you can plug in and get right to it. Run the Overrated Special OD in front of a clean amp for a gritty boost, or slam an already distorted channel for an electrifying surge of gain and sustain worthy of Joe Bonamassa’s searing leads. Now in a Way Huge Smalls housing, this little box of dirt will find an easy home on your pedalboard. Limited to a special run of only 2,000 pedals.

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