Xvive V16 Undulator

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With two types of tremolo modulation writhing under its hood, the Undulator all analog tremolo effects stomp from budget guitar effects pedal maker Xvive is one versatile beast. It gives you a choice between sine and square wave shapes and features true stereo outputs. Want to stick to mono? The Undulator does that well, too. Simple Speed and Depth controls keep the Undulator an easy to use but extremely musical tremolo pedal. The Undulator also features true bypass switching.

Brand: Xvive


  • Warm, rich wide range tremolo effect-Sine, trapezoid and square wave modulation
  • Dual output channels-stereo/mono
  • 100% analogue design with true bypass
  • Dimensions: 46 mm (W) x 94 mm (D) x 50 mm (H) 1.8 in (W) x 3.7 in (D) x 2.0 in (H)
  • Durable all-metal housing

Publisher: XVive

Details: XVive V16 Undulate – Outstanding musical term effects – warm, rich, wide range tremolo effect (sine, trapezoid and square wave modulation.) Dual output channels – stereo/mono, speed/shape/depth control, excellent dynamic response, 100% analog design with true bypass, durable all-metal housing,

EAN: 6940201309165

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