Acorn Amplifiers TMA-1 Fuzz

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Acorn Amplifiers has lifted the veil on the TMA-1, a transistor-based, four-stage fuzz stompbox that allows for toggling between germanium and silicon clipping.

Sporting a pair of toggle switches, the TMA-1 lets you engage your choice of clipping diodes in different circuit stages. In other words, you can switch between silicon and germanium clipping diodes or opt for no clipping on stages two and three, delivering enormous tonal possibilities.

Elsewhere, the TMA-1 carries Tone, Gain, and Volume knobs, as well as a gigantic LED indicator, which alongside the logo and grill pattern, is reminiscent of the Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Per Acorn Amplifiers, the TMA-1 also features true-bypass switching and top-grade components such as Switchcraft jacks. Regarding the idea behind its creation, the brand wrote:

“Detected by its strong magnetic field emanating from the lunar crater Tycho, the TMA-1 was found buried 15 meters beneath the surface of the moon. The moment 9 volts of direct current hit the TMA-1, a powerful signal burst across the universe, searching for other devices of its kind. This is how the new fuzz pedal from Acorn Amplifiers came to be.”

Hand-built and -wired in its Atlanta workshop, the TMA-1 fuzz pedal comes with a price tag of $199 and is available to purchase at the Acorn Amplifiers website.

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