Line 6 DL4 MKII

Line 6 Revamps Its Iconic DL4 Delay to MkII Leave a comment

Line 6 has updated its cult-favorite DL4 Delay Modeler to MkII, hauling the 1999-dated original into the present-day era by some tonal tweaks and pretty aesthetic.

Under the hood, the new-and-improved DL4 MkII comes jam-packed with a whopping 30 delay types—15 from the flagship DL4 and 15 from the HX family of effects processors.

The delay lineup includes Pitch Echo, Harmony Delay, Euclidian Delay, Glitch Delay, and ADT tape delay, each sitting alongside 15 unmarked “secret” reverbs accessible via the Legacy button. Reverbs include Plate, Room, Cave, Glitz, Plateaux, Ganymede, and Double Tank.

Delay types are selectable via the Model Selector rotary switch, while the rest of the dials—Mix, Time, Tweez, Tweak, and Repeats—let you customize the delay to your liking.

Talking about the revamped DL4 MkII, Line 6 Chief Product Design Architect Eric Klein detailed:

“Certain circles have touted DL4 as arguably the most important pedal of the last 20 years, and even after 23 years—an eternity in this industry—we couldn’t imagine messing with a good thing.

“So, despite its new delays, modern capabilities, and increased fidelity, a single button press literally turns the DL4 MkII into a DL4—so you can still party like it’s 1999.”

You can now purchase the Line 6 DL4 MkII for $419.

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