KMA Machines Wurm 2

KMA Machines Downsizes Its Wurhm Distortion to Wurm 2 Leave a comment

KMA Machines has announced a revamped and slimmed down version of its Wurhm distortion pedal—the Wurm 2.

When the Wurhm first came to the music realm in 2020, it was portrayed as a contemporary take on the iconic Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal. Now, it comes in a pedalboard-friendlier package with some tweaks for 2022.

New on the Wurm 2 is an external switch for toggling between chewier (HM-II) and relatively more balanced (KMA) distortions. Meanwhile, opting for both on the three-position toggle allows beefing up the distortion with both the KMA and HM-II voices.

Control-wise, the Wurm 2 carries self-explanatory anchor controls akin to its larger sibling—Terror and Volume. Rolling the former way to the right yields distortion that would, as the brand describes, “frighten the wits out of a young Chuck Norris.”

Further controls include the same four-band EQ consisting of the HM-2’s high and low dials and two mids adjusters. For more customization, each band fits with an internal trim-pot.

Other handy features include relay-based silent switching, an input filter for keeping feedback in check, and a pair of top-mounted jacks.

The KMA Machines Wurm 2 is already available for £169.

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