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North Carolina-based effects pedal manufacturer Alexander Pedals has unveiled the latest addition to its Neo series, the Marshmallow Artificial Sweetener.

The Marshmallow is a robust, multifaceted pitch-shifting device. It boasts two discrete pitch-shifters with six pitch-shifting modes which can be modulated, combined, and blended for virtually infinite sonic possibilities.

Alexander Pedals enthusiasts and users will notice the Marshmallow’s familiar control interface. It consists of four knobs, each with a main and alternate function. Similar to the rest of the Neo series, the Marshmallow includes onboard presets and a multi-jack for connecting a MIDI controller, Neo footswitch, or expression pedal.

The “mod” mode witnesses both pitch-shifters merged with controls for setting the modulation of each pitch-shifter separately, the combined modulation depth and rate. Meanwhile, the “arpy” mode includes a four-step arpeggiator.

“The first step is always unison to the input signal, and we can set the following three pitches with the ‘voice,’ ‘two,’ and ‘mod’ knobs. The alternate function of the ‘voice’ knob lets us control the sequence speed and direction.”

The Marshmallow also features a “dyna” mode for dynamically managed pitch-shifting, “ring” for giving a tremolo effect to the pitch-shifters, “rand” for randomly modulating the two pitch-shifters, and “cloud” that sends the pitch-shifters via “a cascading delay and reverb effect.”

The Marshmallow is available for $199.99.

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