D’Addario Upgrades Its Pedal Tuner to Plus Leave a comment

D’Addario has released a revamped version of its Pedal Tuner, the Pedal Tuner Plus.

The new Plus version features the same 32-bit processor and high-brightness display as its predecessor, but now sports a couple of added features, starting with a programmable countdown timer that lets you keep track of your set. You can now program an amount of time in, and the timer will notify you when your slot is up.

The second one is an inbuilt buffer that compensates for signal loss across lengthy cable runs. D’Addario assured that you can still get the original true-bypass tuner unit if you’d rather opt out of a buffer on your ‘board. But if you’re cool with moving your tuner further down your signal chain, you may place the Pedal Tuner Plus after any stompboxes, including fuzz or volume, which are particularly picky when it comes to impedance.

Adding those two new features to the speed and accuracy of the original Pedal Tuner, D’Addario said, “All of that combines to make a standout multipurpose pedalboard tool—keeping you in tune and on time.”

The Pedal Tuner Plus lists for £118. See more with the demo video below or head over to the D’Addario website.

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