Daredevil Drops the Knobless Hype Pedal Leave a comment

Continuing its theme of raw and straightforward effects, Daredevil has announced the “most cut-to-the-chase” stompbox to date, the Hype.

This raw yet aggressive stompbox sports no external controls except for a bypass footswitch. The high-output FET boost is perfect for those in the market for a simple boost effect to help a lead hop through the mix.

Alternatively, players can use the Hype to drive an amp’s front-end hard, yielding a natural breakup for a beefy, organic overdrive.

Per the press release, the Hype pedal is a “great add-on to any player’s board for a simple solo bump, all the way up to slamming your amp into full grind mode. An internal trim pot adjusts output level, the rest is true bypass simplistic rock n roll bliss.”

The Hype is a true bypass and operates on standard center-negative power. The unit also comes with a two-year warranty. Daredevil vows to cover “repair or replacement of this unit for 2 years should it malfunction unless the damage occurred from operator misuse including incorrect power supply, any adjustment to inner components, or physical incurred damage.”

Hand-wired and built in Chicago, the Hype pedal carries a street price of $89. For more information, check out the demo video below or visit Daredevil’s website.

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