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Flower Pedals has debuted the Poppy Dual Boost, boasting a pair of slightly different clean boost stompboxes—the White and Red Poppies.

Both sides come with different circuit topologies and controls. The Red Poppy is a similar opamp based boost circuit from the mini Poppy stompbox, consisting of three knobs: Bump, Boost, and Tone. The Bump dial gives a hump to the EQ curve, boosting a particular area of frequency, which is set via the Tone knob.

Meanwhile, the White Poppy is an all-new circuit controllable using Boost, Treble, and Bass dials. It employs JFET transistors as well as a Baxandall tone circuit for a more tube amp-esque tonal quality.

Per Flower Pedals, the Poppy Dual Boost is “perfect for tone shaping, driving a tube amp or pedal, or just giving you that extra boost you needed for your solo.”

Other notable features include extra in and out jacks that allow for operating stompboxes in between the two sides, as well as the ability to decide whether each pedal side defaults to on/off at power-up. Ultimately, the Poppy Dual Boost transforms its standard 9V power supply up to 18V for maximum clean headroom.

The Poppy Dual Boost retails for $199. Hear it in action with Flower Pedals’ demo video below.

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