Fuzzrocious Updates the 420 Fuzz to V2 Leave a comment

First launched in April 2018, Fuzzrocious has once again partnered with Reverb for another run of its 420 Fuzz stompbox.

The 420 Fuzz itself is a dual fuzz unit, featuring a pair of discrete fuzz circuits that work on their own or in tandem. The V2 comes in a variety of colorways, depending on your retailer of choice. These include the Reverb exclusive neon green, as well as hot pink, black sparkle, gold, and many more.

“Like the first iteration of the 420 Fuzz, the V2 version features the same EL5420csz quad op-amp with dual fuzz circuits that are both independently mighty and an all-out wall of sound when blended via the ‘hybrid’ control,” Reverb wrote. “The first fuzz circuit is a high-sustain fuzz with a tone stack that growls heavily in the lows and lower-mids, while the second circuit is more of a mid-scooped and heavy gated fuzz with a lot of flexibility.”

Also on offer in the 420 Fuzz V2 are a clean blend for keeping the harshness in check and a 9V/18V toggle switch. At the higher voltage setting, the stompbox gets a headroom boost, producing a signal with less compression and more clarity.

The Fuzzrocious 420 Fuzz V2 lists for $174.20.

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