Glou-Glou Loupé

Glou-Glou Launches the Loupé Looper/Delay Leave a comment

French analog effect stompbox manufacturer Glou-Glou has introduced its first-ever digital pedal, the feature-laden Loupé looper/delay, which it refers to as a revolutionary offering that paves the way for more sonic exploration.

Resulting from two years of research and development, the Loupé seeks to provide a wide range of looping and sampling tools via a customizable control interface and effects arsenal.

Innovative features include nine assignable controls—four tact switches and five footswitches. You may customize them to control toggle or sustain and store up to 99 in presets called Games (49 user setups and 50 factory presets).

Also on offer is a series of Read FX parameters—including Drift, Pitch, Redux, Stutter, Reverse, Auto-Follow, and Pitch Modulation—that you can mix to your liking. Even better, the Loupé also has up to 127 levels of Undo, giving you complete control over your loops.

Other handy features include a Scroll wheel to move around the recorded loop, adjustable quantization controls for loop and effects functions, as well as an expression input with a trio of dedicated modes for expression-powered stompboxes. Adjustable Low and High Pass filters are also available for an added layer of customization.

The Glou-Glou Loupé is now available in either a Blue or White colorway for $650.

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