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Hamstead Soundworks has unveiled a brand-new boost stompbox, the Ascent Amplitude Controller. 

The Ascent Amplitude Controller is a single-knob, clean boost pedal. It delivers 20dB of transparent gain credits to its high-headroom internal voltage. Touted as “a boost for the music industry,” its trendy-sounding name reflects the fact that the unit seeks to aid live music techs out of work due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Each Ascent Amplitude Controller is hand-soldered, signed, and dated by a group of pro music techs. Moreover, Hamstead Soundworks is gifting 10% of the profits from the stompbox to Help Musicians UK, a relief fund giving support for music professionals stricken by COVID-19.

“The world has been going through some incredibly challenging times lately, with so many people in the live music industry losing their work and livelihoods due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At Hamstead, we’ve put together a plan so that we can play our part to help. Built by techs from bands including AC/DC, Biffy Clyro, and Iggy Pop, this is Ascent: more than just a high grade, pure clean boost, but a pedal that gives back to the core of the live music scene,” Hamstead Soundworks said of Ascent and the surrounding initiative. 

The Ascent Amplitude Controller lists for $199 or £159. 

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