KMA Machines Launches Special Edition WURHM Distortion Leave a comment

Much to the delight of Boss HM-2 fans, KMA Audio Machines has given its WURHM Distortion an orange and black makeover to celebrate the production of 1,000 units.

Sporting a new color scheme, the revamped WURHM Distortion takes the well-loved hallmarks of the iconic HM-2 into new levels of versatility and sonic brutality.

For more tone-sculpting possibilities, KMA Audio Machines added two more bands to the HM-2’s active EQ. Each band comes with an internal trim-pot to adjust the center frequency, along with internal DIP switches for even more tone control.

You may opt to switch between the HM-2’s high control and the brand’s designed EQ bands. Switch 1 engages the WURHM high-mids mode, whereas Switch 2 gives you the classic HM2 chainsaw high-mids sound. Ultimately, activating both switches provides three bands, controllable using the High Mids dial.

The WURHM Distortion lists for $249.99. Every purchase of the special edition WURHM Distortion allows you to claim a limited-edition t-shirt as well. Check out both the original and special edition WURHM’s demo video below:

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