KMA Machines Guardian Of The Wurm

KMA Machines Launches the Guardian Of The Wurm Leave a comment

KMA Machines has lifted the veil on a revamped variant of its HM-2-inspired Wurm distortion—the Guardian Of The Wurm, adding a new EQ section, noise gate, and more.

With the active EQ stack building upon the core of an HM-2-esque dual-band EQ, the Guardian Of The Wurm features two more bands for a total of four parametric bands, with a massive sweep across their respective ranges.

You can also select from a trio of EQ sound modes: KMA, HM-II, and Both. The KMA mode gives a more contemporary character with a more balanced EQ and broader response, while HM-II centers on classic chainsaw sound. Finally, Both lets you stack the two modes into each other.

Also on offer are three distortion clipping modes: A-S for more headroom and grit, Si for the original chainsaw’s compression, and OFF for elevating the sound of the Diodes for mild compression and better clarity.

Meanwhile, the noise gate function leverages a Blackmer VCA and comes with a straightforward threshold control. An internal dipswitch sets the gate’s trigger point at pre-noise gate or pre- or post-distortion. Moreover, gate (Tame) and distortion (Terror) are independently switchable with their corresponding footswitch.

The KMA Machines Guardian Of The Wurm retails for €299.

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