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Lehle has introduced the Dual Expression—an active, wear-free expression stompbox with two outputs and a precise magnetic sensor known from the brand’s volume pedals.

In the Dual Expression, the sensor measures the strength of magnetic fields using the Hall effect (named after Edwin Hall). It is calibrated precisely to the inbuilt magnet and control range where the stompbox moves only the magnet. The Hall sensor gauges the distance of this magnet.

Also on offer are two digital potentiometers, working with analog voltages, that allow for accurate and dependable creation of expression data. Per the press release, the technology enables “distinctly more accurate operation than is offered by conventional expression pedals with mechanical potentiometers. There is no mechanical wear, avoiding the need for maintenance or complicated adjustments.”

Both outputs are capable of controlling practically any common devices with 5k to 100k expression inputs, regardless of TS, TRS, or RTS. Moreover, the polarity is switchable and savable via the soft-push buttons.

Sporting an optimized size and weight, the Lehle Dual Expression carries a street price of €199. For more information, check out the demo video below or head over to the brand’s website.

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