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Finnish pedal builder Mad Professor Amplification has announced the limited-edition Fuzz32, a hand-wired germanium fuzz stompbox “without the shortcomings.”

The Fuzz32 comes with upgrades over the traditional vintage-flavored fuzz boxes. According to Mad Professor, the pedal carries a fuzz circuit that is stable enough to hold out against temperature changes, which is a pain point for most germanium-powered fuzz units.

Moreover, the circuit design of the Fuzz32 works nicely with buffers inserted in front of it, making placement of the pedal a piece of cake.

The pedal’s control panel consists of a trio of knobs controlling the tone, output, and gain. The Fuzz32 also carries a mini-toggle for engaging the boost function, which ramps up the gain and volume for a blistering lead tone.

Other features include increased output, enabling it to achieve unity gain even with a tiny amount of fuzz dialed in. Also, a 9V input means the pedal can be run off a power supply.

The Fuzz32 is limited to only 96 pieces, with 32 belonging to one of three colors: turquoise, blue, and red.

The blue variant of the FUZZ32 is already available for €290 and €233.87 (non-EU). For further details or to purchase, head over to Mad Professor Amplification.

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