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Mile End Effects has launched a new effect stompbox called the Ronald Preamp 150.

According to the press release, the Ronald Preamp 150 results from a fondness for how a vintage Roland Space Echo sounds when the preamp is on the brink of overdrive.

“Coming up short in the pursuit of this sound in a more reliable and compact form, Mile End Effects has decided to painstakingly recreate the preamp based on the original service notes of the Roland RE-150 Space Echo using the same obsolete and scarce NOS JFET transistors found in the original units,” the press release detailed.

Looking to take things up a notch, the Ronald Preamp 150 sports a switchable clean boost for driving the preamp harder, letting you coax more gain and volume out of it. The brand recommends using the preamp as an always-on effect to improve practically every signal you give to it. Alternatively, you may engage it as a boost/low gain overdrive that accentuates the best qualities of your amp.

Control-wise, the Ronald Preamp 150 consists of Instrument Volume and Output Level dials, along with a +dB switch for engaging the boost.

The Ronald Preamp 150 is available for $199 CDN at the Mile End Effects website and ships worldwide.

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