Mojo Hand FX Sericon

Mojo Hand FX Unleashes the Klon-Style Sericon Leave a comment

Mojo Hand FX has introduced its latest overdrive unit—the Sericon, drawing inspiration from the iconic Klon.

Touted as “a highly tweakable and interactive version of a ‘professional’ gold overdrive,” the Sericon boasts plenty of tonal possibilities with three gain stages controllable via the Gain, Drive, and Blaze knobs.

Tweaking the Drive knob alters the first stage level and the subsequent harmonic complexity of the latter stages. Meanwhile, Gain is in charge of the second stage, while Blaze is the last modifiable gain stage with an inbuilt low-pass filter.

Other controls include Level and Treble, which Mojo Hand FX describes as “a post-distortion control of the high frequencies.”

The Mojo Hand FX Sericon also includes true bypass switching and a price tag of $199. Head over to the brand’s website to learn more.

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