Mooer D7 X2 and R7 X2

Mooer Expands the D7 Delay, R7 Reverb to X2 Leave a comment

Mooer has upgraded both its D7 Delay and R7 Reverb to X2 versions, loading stereo ins and outs along with an additional footswitch into a bigger chassis.

An extra footswitch on the Delay D7 X2 enables tap tempo to set the delay time. The pedal is controllable via self-explanatory controls, including Mix, Time, Feedback, and a pair of Tweak dials. You can use these to adjust different parameters depending on the selected delay effect.

After adjusting the parameters to your liking, press the save button to record your settings. Press both footswitches to activate preset scrolling mode and then stomp on the corresponding footswitches.

On the other hand, the Reverb R7 X2’s second footswitch serves as an infinite hold function. Its scrolling and preset-saving functionalities are akin to that of the D7 X2. Control-wise, the R7 X2 consists of LC (low-cut), HC (high-cut), Mix, Decay, and Pre-Delay.

Both the Delay D7 X2 and Reverb R7 X2 come with an adjustable trails bypass. Mooer has yet to announce the prices for the two pedals.

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