MXR Deep Phase

MXR Expands Its Phaser Lineup With the Deep Phase Leave a comment

MXR has introduced the latest addition to its phaser roster—the Deep Phase, a compact dual-knob stompbox voiced after a famous two-mode phase circuit.

Control-wise, the Deep Phase consists of Speed and FDBK (feedback) dials for adjusting the LFO rate and the intensity of the frequency peaks, respectively. In addition, a Mode II switch allows for doubling the number of frequency peaks, raising the number of phasing stages from four to eight, and yielding a more animated texture.

According to MXR, the Deep Phase works well with bass, providing a deep frequency response that maintains clarity. And unlike with its vintage influence, you won’t encounter a volume drop when you engage the pedal.

Although the brand didn’t reveal which pedal it is referring to, it’s likely the Electro Harmonix Small Stone, early versions of which came with a volume drop.

In terms of hardware, the Deep Phase comes in MXR’s smallest chassis and sports a sleek brushed-metal orange paint job.

The MXR Deep Phase is already available for $129.99.

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