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Famous for his incredibly rhythmic playing style, Cory Wong has become the latest guitarist to get a signature Neural DSP Archetype plugin. 

“Cory’s uncompromising standards and borderline unrealistic expectations for perfection provided the challenge we were after. The result is unlike anything we have done before: an incredibly versatile plugin, designed to offer a wide variety of options for players in search of the perfect clean and edge-of-break-up tones. We proudly present you, Archetype: Cory Wong,” Neural DSP wrote. 

The plugin includes a wah pedal, voiced for Cory’s ideal sweep and Q. Archetype: Cory Wong consists of four pre-effects stompboxes—The Postal Service (envelope filter), The 4th Position Compressor, The Tuber (booster), and The Big Rig Overdrive—and two post-effects pedals—Delay-y-y and The Wash. It is capable of running as standalone software or desktop plugin. 

Archetype: Cory Wong also comes with three guitar amp models—The Amp Snob, D.I Funk Console, and The Clean Machine. Other features include three matching cab sims and six virtual microphones.

Neural DSP’ Archetype series recreates the sounds and rigs of guitarists inside a DAW plugin. It is becoming a must-try for players who love plugins for the source of their recording tones. 

The Archetype: Cory Wong is currently on an introductory offer of £86. Learn more on the Neural DSP website. 

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