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Drawing inspiration from 3 Sigma Audio, NUX has unveiled the Optima Air—a dual-switch acoustic guitar simulator that features a preamp for electric and acoustic guitars. 

The NUX Optima Air mimics an acoustic guitar tone and turns it into an IR file with the best-optimized sound according to the guitar and pickup type. It boasts a sophisticated profile capture function, allowing users to craft their acoustic guitar profile by capturing the sound of their favorite acoustic guitar. 

The IR loader comes with a preamp that allows for fine-tuning the sound with a three-band equalizer. The three-band EQ includes Bass, Middle, and Treble knobs for adjusting the low, middle, and high frequency levels, respectively. The Optima Air also incorporates an additional single-knob-control Reverb Effect. “Attach any effect pedal using the SEND/RETURN effect loop, and add the Optima Air into the signal chain,” the press release reads.

Other features include an AMP footswitch for activating the preamp section, an IR footswitch for engaging or disengaging the selected IR file, headphones output for silent play, an XLR DI output for direct line/mixer connection, as well as an auxiliary input to plug and play along to a music player.

The NUX Optima Air retails for $179. Watch the video demo below or head over to NUX for more details.  

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