Old Blood Noise Endeavors Sunlight Reverb

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Oklahoma-based pedal maker Old Blood Noise Endeavors has launched a multi-mode reverb beast called the Sunlight Dynamic Freeze Reverb, featuring endless sustain and inbuilt filtering.

Per the brand, the Sunlight Reverb builds on its renowned Dark Star Pad Reverb but looks to bring your tones into sunnier territory via a “dynamic hold” concept.

“Playing on the relationship between pedal and player, input and output, OBNE presents Sunlight dynamically held reverb,” Old Blood Noise Endeavors wrote. “Sunlight features three new reverb algorithms unique to the OBNE lineup, each with the added ability to freeze the reverb trails when the player stops playing.”

Control-wise, the Sunlight Reverb consists of rotary knobs for Mix, Rate, Decay, Depth, and Input, along with a trio of modes to choose from—Tape, Comb, and Pass.

While the Tape mode draws inspiration from natural vibrato in vintage tape machine movement, Comb gives a blend of four delay lines to the mix, yielding a series of stacked delays. Ultimately, the Pass mode works as a bandpass filter, “where a random sample-hold function sets the cutoff frequency of the bandpass.”

Dual footswitches include Alt for changing between settings instantaneously and Bypass for engaging the true bypass and turning the unit off.

The Sunlight Dynamic Freeze Reverb comes with a price tag of $209. Head over to Old Blood Noise Endeavors for more details.

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