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UK-headquartered pedal manufacturer Origin Effects has launched a downsized version of its iconic RevivalDRIVE, the RevivalDRIVE Compact.

The RevivalDRIVE Compact is a versatile overdrive capable of achieving the authentic tone, response, and feel of a variety of vintage non-master volume valve amps. It condenses the RevivalDRIVE’s groundbreaking circuit design into a more compact enclosure. Boasting a contoured set of controls, the RevivalDRIVE Compact vows to make the RevivalDRIVE’s amp-like tones more affordable and accessible than ever.

“We designed the RevivalDRIVE to be as flexible as possible,” Origin Effects Founder Simon Keats remarked. “The response we’ve had from players has been phenomenal, but we also know that not everyone wants to deal with that many knobs and switches! With the RevivalDRIVE Compact, we set out to design a pedal with the same sophisticated circuitry on the inside, but a simplified set of controls on the outside that would make it quick and easy to dial in a really great sound.”

Besides the identical amp style circuit topology, the RevivalDRIVE Compact has controls lifted directly from the original model, such as the Lows and More/Presence knobs. The Blend control, which combines the overdriven and dry signals, has been modified to deliver more musical results, while the new Highs control packs the RevivalDRIVE’s multiple preamp voicing modes into one continuous knob.

The RevivalDRIVE Compact retails at $385.

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