Red Witch Introduces the Binary Star Time Modulator Leave a comment

New Zealand-headquartered pedal manufacturer Red Witch Pedals has unveiled the Binary Star, an innovative celestial time modulator.

The ultra-versatile Binary Star lets you access an extensive selection of analog flavored sounds, from simple delays and modulation effects to insane pitch-shifted repeats and speedy pitch-shifted vibrato repeats.

Bringing the finest elements from their previous delay offerings (The Titan, The Violet, and The Violetta) together, the Binary Star serves up what Red Witch owner Ben Fulton describes as “The best sounding delay we’ve released, hands down. This pedal offers all the things you’d expect from a great delay unit—but there’s so much more to what it can do. It’s a really unique tone machine.”

Consisting of five dials, two toggle switches, and a single footswitch, the unit allows for dialing in virtually endless sounds. Tweak the Universe knob to control delay time and Mix to blend Wet and Dry to your liking. Meanwhile, Velocity, Depth, and Replicate dials determine the modulation rate, modulation depth, and “the number of repeats in longer delay settings or the resonance, in shorted delay settings,” respectively.

The Binary Star can operate in mono or stereo mode and is available for $249.99. Each pedal comes hand-signed and numbered by Ben.

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