Revv Amplification G8 Noise Gate

Revv Amplification Debuts the G8 Noise Gate Leave a comment

Revv Amplification has lifted the veil on its new G8 Noise Gate, a stompbox designed for ultra-high-gain playing lovers who struggle to get rid of hum and other unwanted noise.

Spec’d from the Revv Generator 120 MKIII’s noise gate, G8 comes equipped with three control dials—Hold, Release, and Threshold.

Per Revv Amplification President & Head Designer Dan Trudeau, “After the positive response to Generator 120 MK3’s built-in gate, I knew we could design a killer rock & metal gate. The real journey began once we decided it had to be so transparent we could convert guitarists who would normally never touch a gate.”

While the Hold knob makes minute adjustments and keeps the gate open whenever you wish, Threshold is in charge of the noise reduction level, and Release lets you manage the gate to avoid interrupting their sustain.

Other noteworthy features include true bypass, a quartet of jacks for two- or four-cable setups, and an LED indicator to let you know when the pedal is active or bypassed.

The Revv Amplification G8 Noise Gate operates on 9V DC power and is already available with a retail price of $199.

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