RJM Music Joins the Effect Pedal World With the Overture Leave a comment

RJM Music Technology has introduced its first-ever effect stompbox, the Overture, a programmable overdrive with an all-analog signal path.

The Overture sports six discrete overdrive modes: Boutique, Classic, Crunch, Clean Boost, Smooth, and Versatile. Crunch and Clean Boost incorporate circuit designs by RJM Music, while the other four are spec’d from classic and oft-cloned stompboxes. Additionally, an independent pre-boost circuit adds up to 12dB to the input stage of any of the sounds.

Onboard controls let you tweak the gain, bass, volume, treble, as well as pre-boost level. RJM Music Technology promises, “High quality components are used throughout the Overture, and the incoming 9 volt power supply is boosted internally to 18 volts for the best performance from the circuit. This makes the Overture very dynamic and ‘big’ sounding.”

You can utilize the Overture’s programmability by saving up to eight presets, recallable via the footswitches. The number of available presets is expandable to 100 using a MIDI controller. For added control, parameters are adjustable in real-time via MIDI CC. Other handy features include a pair of 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors and a USB-C port for connecting the unit to your smartphone or PC.

The Overture retails for $399, with shipping starting in March. Head over to the RJM Music Technology website to find out more.

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