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Skreddy Pedals has unveiled the Super 100 amp emulator, designed after the 100-watt Marshall Super Lead.

The Super 100 comes loaded with classic stadium rock tones from Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin epoch. “I worked on this sound so that it would do justice to the cranked-amp live tones of Hendrix and Page and made sure it didn’t go too far so it would remain firmly grounded in the 60’s era,” Skreddy Pedals owner and designer Marc Ahlfs shared.

Pushing the circuit with an additional overdrive, booster, fuzz, or distortion stompbox will get it going “over the top.” But on its own, the Super 100 will still distort with the round, slightly chunky components of the original.

According to Skreddy Pedals, “The Super 100 responds very much like a tube amp would to your pickup volumes and to the impact of running other effect pedals in front of it.”

Control-wise, the Super 100 consists of a three-band EQ, a Drive knob, a master Volume pot, as well as a Sag dial routed to control an optical compressor/limiter circuit to either open up or tighten its overall output.

The Super 100 is already available for $239. Head over to Skreddy Pedals for more details.

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