Tritonlab Debuts the Equinox JFET Bass Overdrive Leave a comment

Tritonlab has unveiled an innovative bass preamp/overdrive stompbox, the Equinox JFET Bass Overdrive.

Developed using JFET technology that mimics the sound of tube amps, this tube preamp emulator serves up a warm tube sound with a low noise level and soft clipping. The Equinox works in two modes: Overdrive (with a high gain level) and Preamp (with low gain level). 

The three-band EQ with a parametric middle delivers enough possibilities for tweaking the sound. Additional filters for frequency correction are also on offer. These include a Lo Shift toggle switch that defines the level of the low-frequency input and a Notch dial that сuts 400 Hz frequency. 

The Equinox comes in a sturdy die-cast aluminum chassis that provides extreme durability. It consists of control knobs for Volume, Gain, Mid Sweep, Treble, Mid Gain, Notch, and Bass. 

Other features include true bypass on/off switch as well as nine-volt external power supply and standard DC input. “The external supply voltage of 9V is converted to an operating voltage inside the pedal to 33V. This has made it possible to achieve good dynamics (headroom),” the press release states. 

The Equinox JFET Bass Overdrive is available for €130 at the Tritonlab online store. For more details, head over to Tritonlab. 

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