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Walrus Audio has unveiled the second entry in its MAKO Series, the MAKO R1 High-Fidelity Stereo Reverb.

Ultra-versatile and powerful, the R1 comes in the same stepped shape of chassis as the D1. This multi-function reverb is highly customizable and jam-packed with features. It boasts six studio-grade reverb programs: Air, BFR, Hall, Plate, RFRCT (Refract), and Spring. Each of these is adjustable and savable to one of the stompbox’s nine onboard preset slots.

According to Walrus Audio, you may apply a volume swell effect to “any program, sustain and latching momentary features, stereo in and out, MIDI control, and up to nine onboard presets (128 via MIDI). Players of all styles and genres will be able to find eternal inspiration with the R1.”

Control-wise, the R1 consists of control knobs for Decay, Swell, Mix, Tweak, and Tune, dual footswitches (Bypass and Sus/Latch), as well as a trio of toggle switches (Rate/Depth/Pre Delay, A/B/C, and Lo/High/X). You can also choose from three different bypass modes: True Bypass, DSP+True Bypass (trails), and DSP Bypass (trails).

The MAKO R1 High-Fidelity Stereo Reverb is now available to pre-order for $349. Shipping starts February 1. Head over to the Walrus Audio website to find out more.

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