Zachary Vex Hints ZVex-Style Chase Bliss Pedal Leave a comment

ZVex Effects founder Zachary Vex has hinted at an upcoming ZVex-inspired stompbox from Chase Bliss Audio.

Joel Korte, the mastermind behind Chase Bliss Audio, used to work as an engineer at Zvex before building his own company in 2013, debuting with the Warped Vinyl. “I spent nearly a year designing Warped Vinyl. This was an extremely exciting time, but it was also uncomfortable for many different reasons,” Joel Korte wrote.

On a Facebook post, Zachary Vex stated: “I hired a kid out of college to be my engineer at ZVex Effects and he went on to start his own company, and now he’s about to release a product that combines our best efforts into one pedal. Expect it in about 2 months. It’s freaky. I’m proud.”

Debuting back in 1994, ZVex Effects was among the first boutique brands to launch. It gained recognition with its awesome Fuzz Factory stompbox, which could potentially be one of the “best efforts” the founder is referring to. The Fuzz Factory is the flagship pedal of ZVex Effects. It was popularized by Muse’s Matt Bellamy, who utilized the Fuzz Factory to nail his out of this world high-gain tones.

But for now, the pedal world will have to wait and see how ZVex gets fused into Chase Bliss when that “freaky” stompbox launches.

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