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The Zappa Trust has announced a new comprehensive book chronicling Frank Zappa’s amps, guitars, effects units, and other equipment, set for a November 29 release.

The tome titled “Zappa Gear: The Unique Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects Units, Keyboards, and Studio Equipment” was authored by Mick Ekers, with a foreword from Dweezil Zappa.

Inside the book, readers will find more than 180 photos of Zappa’s guitars and studio equipment, including his Gibson SGs, Marshalls, wah-wah pedals, and Synclavier, taken by the writer at his UMRK studio in Los Angeles.

Besides covering amps, guitars, and more in incredible detail, Zappa Gear discusses some of the engineers and inventors who built several of the instruments, which Zappa would put to good use.

Zappa Gear will be accompanied by a second book, The Hot Rats Book by Ahmet Zappa and Bill Gubbins, due December 15.

This grand offering commemorates the golden anniversary of Zappa’s Hot Rats albums. It includes never-before-seen photographs from Gubbins, the lone photographer who documented the album sessions, and an interview between Gubbins and Ahmet Zappa.

“These books provide another way for fans to connect with Frank Zappa. They give a fascinating window into Frank’s mind and the ideas he came up with throughout his career,” Ahmet stated.

Both books were written and produced with the Zappa Family Trust’s full cooperation.

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