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The Filaments guitar effects pedal fills the role of high-gain tube amp-style overdrive and distortion stomp in Keeley Electronics’ pedal lineup. With a full complement of wide-range EQ control knobs and three toggle switches for precise and flexible tone shaping, the Filaments will work well with whatever amp and guitar you’re currently using. And it can dish out enough gain and nuanced tone to handle whatever kind of metal you play. The Filaments is so metal you’ll automatically grow long hair once you stomp on it.

Brand: Keeley


  • Distortion Effects Pedal with Controls for Level
  • Presence
  • Treble

Details: Filaments High Gain Distortion Effects Pedal. “The Keeley Electronics Filaments accurately replicates high-gain tube amps by layering three stages of gain while providing seven ultra-flexible ways to EQ the tone. Level and Gain set the stage for rich layers of high gain tube-amp saturation. Bass and Body give you the punch and authority of a gain monster no matter what size amp you are playing. Even if youaTMre running a 10-inch speaker the bass and body controls will give you the low end bass response you need. Running through a 4×12 already? Just dial back the body control to keep the sound tight and focused. Have an amp thataTMs hard to push? The Boost and Crunch switches give you two different levels of gain and compression to get your edge just right for your tone. The Presence control works with the Bright control to give any guitar or pickup combination the authority to stand up and shout. Lastly, the Treble control gives you that added range of highs to make your amp sing. Style is a Metal HeadaTMs Swagger Metal is more nuanced and subdivided that nearly any other style of music outside the classical stuff. The Keeley Filaments High Gain Distortion pedal feels your pain, brother. So of course its amazing 7 layer tone-shaping lets you chameleon into any of these types of metal: Christian or Death Metal, Black Metal or Folk Metal, both types of Core, Grind and Metal. Crust Punk or Glam Metal? Progressive Jazz Metal or just good old Stoner Metal? Keeley has you covered. Get a Keeley Filaments High Gain Distortion pedal and pound it out!”

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